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About a month ago I was walking down the Waynesville Main Street as I was attending “Art after Dark.”  I love that this little town in western North Carolina has Friday nights like these. Balmy breezes and people bustling in and out of galleries sipping wine and enjoying art.  Now I had been up and down Main Street numerous times but somehow I walked right by this treasure!  I guess it’s because I didn’t need any market items and I had NO idea what was inside.  Needless to say if you haven’t been there, you’re missing out.

Sunburst Market is a small business in Haywood County owned and operated by Katie and Clay.  They offer things in town that you can’t find anywhere else.  It is a little gourmet and organic haven filled with some products sourced locally.  They have my favorite hummus from Asheville.  You have  try their local nut butters at the counter.  I am sure you will buy a couple of jars.

Sunburst Market fills a void here in Haywood County.  While there are local health food stores here they don’t specialize in the same type of products. What sets Sunburst apart is that they offer some unique specialty and gourmet products that are fun to have in your own pantry, but also can make a great gift for someone. All of their farms providing meat do their farming in an environmentally conscious and humane way.  They are a sister company to Sunburst Trout Farms. Their local produce and products may not be certified organic, due to the cost of certification, but they are grown that way.  Plus the great thing about local farms is you can ask to stop by and check out their practices!  I don’t think Whole Foods offers that option.

They have lots of artisan made products crafted right in this area. They sell candles and glassware that are made from recycled wine bottles.   They have a lounge in the back where you can enjoy some of your goods and a newspaper, basically because this stuff is too good to wait to eat at home. When you step off Main Street is it like you walked into a cute shop in Downtown Asheville.  You don’t want to miss this spot.