Typically when we hear “Buy Local, Eat Fresh” we think of farmer’s markets and little health food stores.  But today I want to talk about something that is changing the way I look at exercise.  Recently, due to a tragic life event, I gained weight, a lot of weight.  I have been feeling uncomfortable in my own clothes and skin.  I have been out of breath trying to climb hills and stairs.  I realized that something had to change.

My biggest issue is time.  I always try to find the obstacle to better health for my patients so I figured this was the place to start with me.  My extremely busy schedule makes it difficult for me to attend exercise classes and I am not a fan of working on machines.  So this left me with hiking and walking around the lake but that just wasn’t enough.  Don’t get me wrong, walking 30-60mins 3 times a week is great for overall health, but I needed to build muscle and lose weight.  9 Round snuck into my life because my sister and I walked by and tried the free first workout.  It kicked my butt  but this was the first time in my life that I actually looked forward to “working out.”   I am also so happy to get the bonus of ENDORPHINS with only 30mins of exercise!

One of the best things about 9 Round is how accessible it is for beginners and people who are out of shape, like me.  🙁  Scot Worley is the owner of the 9 Round in Clyde. He’s completed 8 marathons, a full Ironman and countless other athletic events. He’s a NAASFP Certified Marathon Coach and has held certifications in Group Fitness Exercise and Spin Cycling.  He told me,” I have always enjoyed the physical benefits and achievements from physical exercise and have come to the realization that the human body is capable of incredible feats.”  He opened 9 Round in July of 2016 and since then he says, “I’ve seen so many people gain strength in ways they didn’t think was possible. And the great thing is that so much of the workout is simply using your own body weight to achieve the results.”

I think the greatest part is Scot opened 9 Round for some of the same reasons I LOVE 9 Round, including timing and training.  But something I hadn’t thought about was the workout itself.  Scot explained, “It’s a full body workout. With 9 stations (rounds) that are done in 3-minute increments, every station works a different muscle group. In 30 minutes, members get cardiovascular exercise, strength training and core (abdominal) exercise.”

So really there is no excuse not to do 9 Round: too busy, a beginner, overweight, uncoordinated, out of shape. . .